Product Feature: Sibu

Here’s a shocking reality… We aren’t getting any younger! Yikes! Some days it is very apparent and we would like to lock our tired, dark under eye, messy bun, sweat wearing, stained T–self– in a closet … with a box of good chocolates and our iPads! With no worry about the calories or perhaps that chocolate causes ‘worse’ acne. In addition to that we probably should take along with us, a box of tissues. After all, we are bound to open up Pinterest & Instagram and find a million more reasons why WE aren’t good enough. Wouldn’t it be nice to never feel worthless? To always know YOU are AMAZING! YOU ARE! We think you are!

Speaking of chocolate, flustered, lock yourself in a closet sort of days… I think we made the point that we are looking and feeling old some days! But… MERCY!! Having husbands older than we are, we were always warned how age starts to creep in- in your thirties…. and they are right! Although, we have to add, they have NO IDEA how very sad it is to start experiencing Adult Acne in your 30′s! Reiterating… MERCY!!!

So naturally our awareness of how we take care of our bodies have been heightened (to say the least!) We are taking precautions, trying to “purchase our youth back,” our husbands joke!  However, we are embracing this life and ourselves (for the most part) and enjoying the new avenues of interest and education due to our obsessive need to research!


… but the acne has got to go!

We learned the hard way that acne solutions for teens do not have the same (good) affect for adult acne. By using some over the counter products, and nearly burning our faces off, it was obvious! (Should have trusted that one article… Ahum…we believe in trial and error!;)

Were back to the basic, no harsh chemicals, natural.

And this. It’s amazing!!

Sure, we will have acne, but it’s significantly less. Probably could be corrected by hormone therapy or birth control. But then you’re dealing with a whole new “problem”! For now we are just going to enjoy our SILK feeling skin. No Joke! This Sea Buckthorn soap is amazing & the lovely fragrance of fresh citrus orange leaves you feeling like you want to dance out of the shower. We also like the Body Lotion, and use it on our faces as well! It’s safe for the little ones and even clears up baby eczema! Any bumps on the back of your arms, we have had those since we were kids, GONE now thanks to this amazing Sibu product! Worth every (reasonable) penny.

Find these amazing products on Amazon!! . . .

Sea Buckthorn Face and Body Bar (approximately $5/bar)

Sea Buckthorn Body Cream (approximately $12/6 oz tube)

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil (approximately $10/10 ml bottle)

When you have had the chance to use them, let us know what you think!!

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into the woods | island park styled shoot


Our most recent Featured photo shoot! Thank you everyone who made this vision come to life!

The light dusting of detailed snowflakes that fell gently from the December sky made for a perfect day

CREDITS: Into the Woods [Styled Shoot]

Location: Island Park, Idaho

Female Model: Candice Leishman

Male Model: Jed Leishman

Clothing Sponsors:

Lulu Bella Boutique


American Eagle


Simply Sublime Designs

Makeup Artist: Shelley King

Hair Stylist: Samantha Mashburn

Photographed & Styled by: True Atelier (Chantri Keele & Nicole Klingler)


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Baby Taylor: lifestyle newborn session

Yes, we love shooting high fashion, we’re crazy about style & nailing a concept. But the very most important style to us is the pure LIFESTYLE & connection between our subjects. When we photograph a session we like to stay true to the relationship, the feeling, the connection of our subjects. When we capture a real-life moment, and it’s beautiful & real– whether it’s an engaged couple young and in love, a senior full of personality, or a beautiful innocent & pure newborn– that’s when we  know we have done our job! (ya, we are pretty lucky to call this our job, we know!)

Here is a feature of our latest newborn session. Documenting a new life, a new relationship and a new future.

. . .

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Baby Kace: lifestyle newborn session

We had the pleasure of having this sweet ball on infant yumminess in our studio last week. Sweet baby Kace was 7 weeks old when he visited us, an all smiles. We were truly smitten. I think we spent more time cuddling him then even snapping the shutter, he was so loveable. Hope you enjoy his perfect innocence.

Congrats to his wonderful family… he is a keeper!


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